Rialta RV Update: Almost Ready!

Last Monday, I finally got my RV back from the mechanics. Turns out that the faulty temperature sensor that I’ve known about ever since I purchased the thing was likely the root cause of my transmission and engine problems. Unbeknownst to me, the temperature sensor also regulates the intake of gasoline into the engine. I thought it was only used for activating the cooling fans. It runs really smooth now, and the engine doesn’t pop and explode like it used to. Total cost was around $250.

On Saturday, I spent a good 6-8 hours doing preparation work for installing the solar panels. I just need a helping hand for a hour or so, and it should be all ready. I was pretty worried about drilling holes into the wall for mounting the battery charge controller. The screw is a few inches in length, and the walls really aren’t all that big. Luckily, I think it’s fine.

I also noticed that the Lexan roof panel I put on had water between the “waterproof” tape and caulk. It’s like there’s this bubble of water trapped underneath the glass. But the water doesn’t seem to be going past the ring of caulk thankfully. I added some more tape and hopefully that helps.

I also filled up the water tank for the first time and tested the water pump. It’s been months now, but I’ve been terrified that something might go wrong. And indeed, there was water leaking out constantly whenever the pump was on. I finally figured out that the water heater tank was draining the water, but I could close the valve, and it stopped.

Today, I used some Eastwood Rust Converter around the propane cover that my mechanic recommended. It works really well. After about 20 minutes, the rust already was converted to a black metal. Much better than the Pep Boy’s crap I purchased before.

So, overall, all the RV Problems I covered before have been resolved. I just have to test the frig, stove, and disposing the tanks again. I should get the solar panels on this week, and I’m starting to buy some necessities for travel like bedding and kitchenware. I’m thinking I should be able to hit the road by July 1.


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