Hey, I’m Mitra

I help people be a better friend to themselves, others, and the world through teaching meditation, facilitating group Relatefulness practices, and coaching people through their transformation.

I primarily work with high performers who have checked all the traditional boxes of success (health, fitness, relationships, money) but still feel like something is missing around meaning, love, and  self-discovery. In weekly calls, we explore how they can integrate meaning into their lives and connect to their innate love and wisdom.

I also love those who’ve devoted years towards personal development and spirituality but now struggle to integrate into daily life with questions around livelihood, community, and relationships.

If you are interested in working with me, schedule a no-cost introduction call. We will feel each other out, answer any questions, and get a sense of pain points and intentions.

My Background:

  • Monastic Training: Seven years of full-time residential modern-monk training at the Monastic Academy (MAPLE), specializing in the integration of Awakening & Responsibility.
  • Teaching Experience: Led week-long meditation retreats and daily 1-on-1 meditation interviews at MAPLE, including co-teaching with renowned teacher Shinzen Young.
  • Meditation Practice: Over 10,000 formal hours of meditation, including three solitary cabin meditation retreats totaling 200+ days.
  • Coaching Training: Completed Aletheia Coaching Level 1 and currently in Level 2. I also do in-person daylong intensives in NYC and Asheville.
  • Circling Training: Certified with Circling Europe, completing three SAS 6-month training programs (2016, 2017, 2018), and serving twice as a leader-in-training.
  • Relational Retreat Facilitator: Over five years at MAPLE, I taught several week-long immersions, led weekly circles, and was a teaching assistant for LevelUP immersions.
  • Leadership Experience: Executive Director of the Center for Mindful Learning (2019–2022), overseeing mindfulness and leadership programs including construction of a 124 acre retreat center and Mindful Village.

Recent Endeavors:

  • Teaching & Leadership: Facilitate on the Relateful platform, advise & co-teach with Boundless Refuge retreats, and coach unfolding 1:1 sessions online. By request, I do daylong therapeutic sessions in NYC & AVL.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Founder of the Guild of Bodhisattvas, an incubator for Right Livelihood. I am also part of the core team of the startup, Madrona Meditation, bringing the integration of psychotherapy and meditation practice together.
  • Community Building: Established the Hearth, a dharma house network in Asheville, fostering a community of former monastics, entrepreneurs, coaches, and bodhisattvas working towards a more wholesome world. Launching ISH, a 3 month residential incubator for integrated spiritual heroes. (YCombinator for Bodhisattvas).

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Previously, I worked as a programmer, lived in a RV across the country for two years, and completed a Masters at American University in Philosophy and Religion. I taught myself to design and build a cabin in the woods (2022 – 2023).

You can also check out my Facebook or Twitter, I post a lot of draft writings there.