Hey, I’m Mitra.

Buddhist Meditation Teacher
Transformational Coach
Relatefulness Facilitator

Hi, I’m Mitra. I teach meditation, facilitate group Relatefulness practices, and coach people through their unfolding. I love supporting people through these practices so they can be a better friend to themselves, others, and the world.

I help high performers reach new levels in their relationships and careers. I support people to suffer less and gain actionable insights to navigate the complexity of life.


I completed seven years of full-time residential modern-monk training at the Monastic Academy (MAPLE).

MAPLE empowered me as its first resident to become an authorized meditation teacher. I led week-long retreats including co-teaching with Shinzen Young. I also taught daily 1-on-1 meditation interviews.

I have completed over 10,000 formal hours of meditation including three solitary cabin winter meditation retreats (totaling  200+ days).

I completed Aletheia Coaching Level 1 (2023).

I started and ran the world’s only residential community with weekly Circling practices and week-long immersions for 5+ years.

I also led week-long Circling immersions and workshops at universities, meditation centers, and groups around the globe.

I was certified to be a Circling facilitator through Circling Europe. I completed three of their SAS 6-month training programs (2016, 2017, 2018).

I was also a teaching assistant for two of their SAS programs (2021, 2022).

I also participated as a teaching assistant in Relateful’s LevelUP in-person program (2022).

I am also a facilitator on the Relateful online platform.

See workshops and events.

From 2019 – 2022, I was also the Executive Director of the Center for Mindful Learning, a non-profit offering  mindfulness and leadership programs.

Previously, I’ve been a programmer, lived in a RV across the country for two years, and completed a Masters at American University in Philosophy and Religion.

You can also check out my Facebook or Twitter, I post a lot of draft writings there.