Moved Back Home August 2010

Early August, I moved back to Delaware, my home state. The transition from the DC metro area back to Delaware has been a little harsh. It feels like it’s a step backwards. I am a citizen of the world, a cosmopolitian. While I never planned on staying in DC forever, I enjoyed the city very much. I was at the peak of my social connections with new friendships and relationships.

Coming back to Delaware, the hardest thing is really meeting new people. Almost all my friends have left the state, and I work at home so I don’t meet anyone through work. This is also the first year I’m no longer taking academic classes. I’m an adult.

I’m at another cross roads in my life. Whatever action I may take now is small, but it will set the direction for my future years. I’m trying to still figure out what to prioritize, where to go now. For the first time, there’s no guides, no mentors, no teachers, no parents, friends, or institutions to help me decide.

The transition isn’t all bad though. I’m now living in an excellent home with two housemates I really like.

I’m getting my health back on track having gained 10 pounds (i’m super underweight).

I’m growing my spiritual practice once again with meditation and yoga.

I’m waking early again.

I’m dedicating time to my finances, career, and business.

If you can’t, you must

– Tony Robbins