Driving Cross Country in Rialta RV From Delaware to Oregon

dash cam

I’m finally doing it.

Yesterday, I began my long awaited, cross country trip from Delaware to the West Coast. I purchased my Rialta RV almost two years ago with the intention of doing this, and it’s happening now.

Speaking of the Rialta, a lot of the problems I had before have thankfully disappeared on their own. I discovered my primary concern with the water leaking only happens when the RV is on an incline and water pump is running. I took it to a camping world and felt like an idiot when the mechanic told me that he couldn’t find any leaks.

Anyway, I’m sitting in a cafe right now in a suburb of Pittsburgh. This coming weekend, I’ll be volunteering at the 2nd Annual Buddhist Geeks Conference. The event brings together a lot of topics and people that resonate with my passions. I look forward to talking to others about questions like how can technology help the spiritual journey, what does it mean to be a Buddhist in America, and what kind of careers are possible as an advanced meditation practitioner?

The only downside is that I have to get to Boulder quickly, covering some 1,800 miles in just a few days. I am indulging in Pittsburgh since I have some friends here. But I don’t know anyone between Colorado and Pittsburgh.

After Boulder, I’m likely visiting friends in Oregon. But I want to check out California as well and see some of the marvelous nature scenery in the west too.

Honestly, I purchased this RV with a lot of dreams and intentions. But, now, a lot of my goals have changed. There is still something special about driving cross country and being pushed outside my comfort area. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and so on. But, I’m looking forward to planting some roots in a single city after this.


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