Coming Home? The Last Three Weeks

I feel weird like I’m homeless.

Three weeks ago, I left Orlando, my home for three months (mid Aug-mid Nov).

I’ve stopped and slept in many places:

  • Gainesville: Zen Center (1 day)
  • Tallahassee: RV by train tracks (1 day)
  • Birmingham: Friend’s bachelor pad (7 days)
  • Atlanta: Friend’s family home (2 days)
  • Washington DC: Friend’s living room couch (4-5 days)
  • Delaware: My family home (5 days)
  • Suffolk, VA:  Friend’s family home (2 days)

The experience has been exciting but also disorienting. An ever changing mix of different places, beds, homes, and friends. The only common factor being my laptop and my job.

It gets me wondering where is my home? Do I even have one?

My parents live in Delaware, but my brother lives in Korea.

I have a bedroom at my parent’s house, but I also have a RV.

My friends are scattered across the globe.

Perhaps, my home is digital. I read ebooks now. I work from “home” which can be a friend’s couch in Florida to a coffee shop in Philadelphia. The only physical possessions I “need” are my laptop and my clothes.

Actually, I know where my home is; it’s wherever my tooth brush is.

I’m uncertain about a lot of things and taking time at home to just finish some old projects and wait for some inspiration. My future is still open in terms of where I’ll be living or what work I’ll be doing. I do know a few things I want to do in the next year though.

  • An extended RV trip to the West
  • Extended meditation intensive retreats
  • Choosing web development, counseling, or other as my next career

I could plant some roots in a city and just stay for a while. Form my own niche, create my own field. I have some great friends in Boston, Philly, DC, and Orlando. But travel is still attractive to me. I want to become even more of a minimalist with just a backpack as my sole, necessary luggage traveling around the US or the world. But, for this winter, I’ll be hibernating in the north east. Trying to strengthen good habits and prepare for the next stage.


Inspired partly by this post: