2011 – On the Path to Becoming Whole

shooting on target


On January 1, 2011, I moved back home with my parents. It’s been six years since I lived with my parents. My parents were overjoyed. I was mortified.

Previously, I wrote that I returned to Delaware in August, but I was living with two friends in what was the best bachelor pad ever seen by man. We had a pool table, a full bar, a big screen HDTV, every gaming console, multiple outdoor grills, a huge kitchen, and more. The house was too sweet to say no. One of my roommates was a bartender, and the other worked for the nearby university. I had the hookup to free drinks, multiple social circles, and everything was great. All my friends gushed over my house, and for a while, life was good.

Too good. The constant stimulation and temptation to be social and have fun ruined any motivation to work harder, to be better. I wrote previously, “I’m at another cross roads in my life. Whatever action I may take now is small, but it will set the direction for my future years. I’m trying to still figure out what to prioritize, where to go now…I’m dedicating time to my finances, career, and business.” Over time, I found myself not following through on any of my goals. By November, I knew something had to change. The only option that made sense was to stick to my original plan and move home with my parents.

So, I did.

And the funny thing is, I’m happy.

While I plan on leaving this house in a year or less, I am happy with living here this year.

I’ve stopped drinking alcohol. Not one sip.

I’ve meditated almost every day this month.

I’m more productive in my helpdesk / web development / internet marketing job.

I sense 2011 will be a defining year for me. 2011 will be the year of challenges. This is the first year I’m no longer in school. This is also the first time I’m not living with a roommate in 6-7 years. I am focused on covering all the fundamentals. Physical, mental, and spiritual health. Business and career advancement. I spent so much of my life doing things just to kill time and have fun enough. Playing the same video game with friends. Watching old or even new shitty movies. Drinking to forget a stressful week or in hopes of getting to second base. All these time wasters are cut out of my life.

Previous dreams will be progressing towards fruition this year from travel, relationships, finances, physical health, and more.