We Live in An Age of Paradox

We live in an age of paradox. Although there are countless, large problems, we still live in the least violent and most free time in human history. Teachings that were once the sole privilege of princes are available for free. Income inequality is extraordinarily high yet entire industries are being redefined by 20 year olds.

Everyone likes to squabble over politics, issues, and ideologies. In the end, I feel most people are just fighting for their identity. Why can’t we agree on a shared vision of improving humanity? Of helping each other become better? Isn’t that the goal for liberals and conservatives?

Everyone’s coming to realize the greatest challenge and opportunity of the next century will be helping people to realize their greatest potential, to fulfill their destinies, to be able to move from circumstances to dreams. Amongst all these changes and free education, how do we tap into our inner wisdom rather than getting stuck in our reactionary animal instincts, our fearful childhood stories, and normalizing social pressures?

The Haves constantly fearful that they will lose what they have and never content wanting more.

The Have Nots pointing out the inequalities and broken pieces in the system and asking for their fair share.

Everyone’s fighting in that arena. I don’t want to go there. I have little to offer among them.

I recognize the challenge always begins right here with myself.


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