Waking Early Update: Day 37

My early riser experiment started 36 days ago.

I’m suprised to say that I’ve become a morning person….sort of.

I used to hate waking up early. I preferred to sleep in and spend long hours into the night surfing the internet.

But in the past 37 days, I’ve been sleeping around midnight and waking between 7am – 9am. Except for the weekends when I sleep in.

During the mournings that I’m not rushed, my morning ritual is to take a stroll for 15-30 minutes doing yoga breathing, feeling grateful for my life, and thinking about my goals and actions for today. It’s a great way to stay off the day feeling energized and wanting to do things.

I used to often suffer from insomnia, but that’s disappeared completely. I turn off all electronics by 11pm. Then I meditate, listen to music,  or read a fiction novel before drifting off to sleep.

Every day, the first thing I do and the last thing I do are devoted to just me. To spend some time with myself, reflect, and relax.

My goal is to consistently wake up at 7am or earlier. However, that means I have to sleep by midnight or earlier. I also tend to have a lot of energy at night, but that’s likely related to the fact that the night time is when I no longer worry about my job or graduate school.

Overall, I’m glad to have switched to a morning person and looking forward to start working towards my 7am goal.