Waking Early : Day 3

march 24 morning

Attempted Sleep Time: 12:30am?

Actual Sleep Time: Unknown

Wakeup Time: 7:15am, 7:30am

Out of Bed Time: 7:30am

SUCCESS – Day 3, aka Relaxation

Yesterday night, I returned from my night class past 11pm. I spent time writing down the day’s thoughts in my private journal and spoke briefly with a friend online. I didn’t turn off my computer until past midnight so I was worried I might be having an insomnia night.

Luckily, I read some Dostoevsky and promptly fell into slumber.

Waking up this morning was actually pretty easy. Maybe, my body has adjusted to the new times.

Whenever I have a difficulty getting out of bed, I like to stare at the daylight. It causes a biofeedback of hormones in my body to wake the hell up. Whereas, if I bury my head into my pillows, I’ll fall asleep in an instant.

Today’s the first day that I don’t have any work or errands to do in the morning. So, I enjoyed making a hearty breakfast, brewing tea, and peacefully watching the world unfold outside my dining room (hence the photo above, I need a better camera…)

Maybe, I’ll make this part of my morning ritual. I might go do some tai chi, meditation, and take a shower now.