Treasured Posts to Come

My blog posts have primarily been documenting some of the fun activities I’ve been doing or new habits I’ve been trying to do such as trapeze flying and waking early respectively.

However, the purpose of this blog is more than just that. I want to begin writing about, advocating, and defending some of my practices, skills, and worldviews like Anthony at The Dream Lounge or Tynan at…

. Both of them are very young, live unconventional lives, and inspire readers like myself to do the same.

Many people will disagree with me. Actually, some people already do disagree with me. But I have been avoiding explaining the reasoning behind my decisions except to say that I did a lot of research and know what I’m doing.

My purpose is to write rational pieces on some of my activities and my world views.beyond just my experiences and emotions.

Some working ideas:

  • Yoga Practice – Getting In Touch with the Body
  • Vipassana Meditation & The Art of Living
  • Mysticism, Religions, and Science – Following the Middle Way
  • Start Frugal, End Wealthy – Financial Principles to Live By
  • From 110 lbs to 140 lbs – A Look Back
  • Paleo Blueprint Lifestyle – Why a 90% Meat Diet is Healthy for You
  • High Intensity Training (HIT) – Workout Less, Minimize Injury, and Get Strong
  • The Way of the Seducer – A 21st Century Response to Empower Young Men
  • Examining the Basis of All Moral Values: Emotion
  • Dependency, Independence, and Interdependence – Growth of the Spirit
  • The Perspectival, Layered Approach to Moral Values and Life Decisions
  • Individuality & Privilege – The Inner Downfall of the United States as the Superpower
  • Journey of an American Pilgrim – Exploring the Spiritual Landscape of America
  • The Internet Culture – Information is Free and Reputation is Supreme

Some of these posts won’t be coming for a long time. Some may never appear. Some may come in multiple parts or multiple updated editions. But I want to start writing longer, well researched pieces.