Trapeze Flying in Washington DC

This week, Dan and I went trapeze flying at the confusingly named Trapeze School New York (TSNY) located in Washingotn DC SE.

I accidently stumbled upon TSNY when I was searching for skydiving places. TSNY opened their DC school less than a year ago, but I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it.  They originally started in New York City, but they have sister schools all over the United States.  So, how was it?

My experience was AMAZING! Some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

Let’s see….

  • Low Cost? $61 for two hours with 3+ coaches compared to skydiving’s $230+.
  • Convenient Location? A few blocks from Navy Yards Metro near the baseball stadium.
  • Safety? Impossible to fall and injure yourself.

You know that dumb, childlike grin whenever you are doing something utterly absurd yet fun? Well, I was grinning like a fool the whole time.

Well, actually, not the whole time….

Initially, they make you sign a waiver saying they can murder you, and your family won’t sue them.

Then they take you through a five minute safety lesson. Basically, listen to what they say when they say it.

Then, it’s climb the ladder and start swinging.

My first swing was disastrous.  I was swinging upside down by my legs, and I went into a small panic. I wasn’t sure how to get back to normal and land.  I ended up straining my back muscles really bad and thought I was done for the day.

Afterward, as I laid on the floor, I cursed myself for possibly ruining my back.  Then I made a vow to not let one mistake screw me.  Not only was I going to get back on that damm ladder, I was going to do the “catch”.

The catch is when you are doing a knee hang, and one of the teachers catches you by the hands, and the two of you swing in the air. Like so:

Trapeze Flying in Washington DC

Trapeze flying is really natural. The more you think about it, the more you sabotage yourself.

I had an absolute blast. The instructors are very helpful and happy people. The other students were far more advanced, and it was wonderful just watching them jump and flip through the air.

They were setting up the outdoor wiring when I was there. But, it should be ready by now so people can take classes outside.

I would definitely sign up for more advanced classes if I had the time or money right now. But if anyone wants to go together, I’m more than willing.


3 thoughts on “Trapeze Flying in Washington DC”

  1. Five minutes for a safety lesson. That doesn’t seem like too long a time considering that you’re up in the air and flying around. Maybe that’s all you need though. Looks like fun though; I’ll have to give it a shot one day.

  2. I feel obligated to mention that it’s virtually impossible to injure yourself at all doing this. I was just stupid the first time around and after ten minutes, I felt completely normal.

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