To RV or Not? You Vote

Last weekend, my RV was robbed in Portland.

The next morning, the transmission died.

I’ll be spending several thousand to get the RV fixed and replace my lost items.

I’m not sure what to do with the RV once it’s fixed though.

The transmission is the most likely and most expensive piece of the RV. After this, there “shouldn’t” be any expensive repairs.

But how far do I want to go?

Realistically, living in the RV is only possible in the Fall and Spring and part of summer/winter. Unless I’m living in the West Coast like San Diego or San Fran where the weather’s always perfect.

If I stay in one place for a year, that’s likely saving $7k-$12k in rent and could justify the money I’ve put into the RV.

No matter what, I plan on staying out west until at least the holidays in late nov/december. The question is whether I sell the RV now, in December, or years from now?

Based on the results of this poll, I’ll decide.

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