Step 0: Writing a Short Book on My Last Two Years with RV

I’ve been trying to write a short ebook on my RV life of the past two years.

Two and a half years ago, I finished my graduate program, and I fully joined the real world. Most of that time has been spent surrounding my RV. During that time, I tried to reinvent myself from my former path of becoming a humanities professor to a digital nomad. There was a lot of learning, pain, and memorable experiences.

Back in October, I was in San Francisco in my RV and had a particularly, spirit destroying day. Later, as a coping mechanism, I wrote a  free-flowing narrative of that day. It was a fine piece of writing. Afterwards, I decided to write this book. If nothing else, it would be a good exercise and a way to bring closure to this chapter of my life.

As time goes by though, my inspiring thoughts fade. My writing becomes dry. To make sure I have at least some writing out there, I’ll publish my decent drafts here. Let the writing begin.


I have a ton of writing drafts in my Evernote with the earliest material being the most polished. I’m going to aim for 5 posts/week. Each post would be equivalent of a very short chapter. A total of 30-60 total chapters.

I was planning on adding in side pieces – my gear, how to buy a RV, solar power, philosophical ideas, nature of religion, psychology of change, how to meet new people, and so on. I’m not so sure now, I’ll just be happy to finish at this point. But, I expect not all of it will be narrative. And compared to the millions of other bloggers out there, I’m sure most of my material will seem pretty average. But, I hope it makes me a better writer and helps maybe get a laugh or teach a lesson to others.