Coaching / Medicine Journey Integration

Change is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Change can feel scary and anxious. Most of us react to change with resistance. Resistance creates suffering and stuckness.

But change doesn’t have to be terrible.

Change can also be an opportunity.

I help high-achievers get unstuck in the complexity of their lives.

Working together, we will drop into presence, compassion, and clarity.

Along the way, you will discover actionable and tangible insights to have better health, relationships, and career.

Introductory Call

Try this option if you are interested in working with me. We will feel each other out, answer any questions, and get a sense of pain points and intentions. Intro calls are typically 30-45 minutes.

    General Office Hours

    I love answering questions. Particularly, I’m interested in my areas of expertise — Buddhism, dharma, meditation, intentional communities, relational work, and so on. These sessions are recorded, but you can also ask questions anonymous via chat.

    Future Office Hours TBD