Orlando to Birmingham : On the Road Again

Last night, I slept in the RV. Railroad Square. Tallahassee. Near Amtrak station.

Daytime, constantly falling asleep. Nighttime, trouble sleeping. Fear of criminals, police, or property owners. Loud rain noise. Trains passing by.

Woke up at 7am this morning, property manager spots me, and we chat pleasantly.

Financially, this RV makes no sense. I’ve barely used the refrigerator, stove, or bathroom. Just driving and sleeping. My Nissan would of worked. The gas savings could have covered hotels. But no RV, no trip. I only went because I planned to live in the RV. It’s funny, I ended up renting the most expensive housing instead. Nevertheless, I likely would never have done this if I didn’t buy the RV.

I got this RV without ever seeing one before. I thought within 6 months, I’d be hitting the road full time. But I’m still edging into it. How far I will go is hard to see.

My mind’s a blank slate. Life is very simple when constantly moving. Only concern is food, parking, and working. No expectations, everything is new. I’ve also been meditating with a Zen school the last four days across three cities. They are all different yet all the same.

Tonight, I’ll drive six hours to Birmingham to stay with my friend Frankie for Thanksgiving. Then, onward to Atlanta. Eventually back to Washington DC and home to Delaware.


One thought on “Orlando to Birmingham : On the Road Again”

  1. This looks like an awesome route, and I am missin’ the RVs, man. Yours looks great, but it also looks like something happened to the side behind the passenger’s side front door?

    For noise, I’d say get some ear plugs. Look for something around NRR 33. Unless of course you’re worried about safety, in which case plugging up your ears is the last thing you want to do. I always liked sleeping in the highest class neighborhoods I could find, usually by a house under construction or something. I always found if you pull in late at night it makes a big difference. No worries about anyone complaining.

    As for edging in vs. going full time – just go full time! Get rid of the apartment, man! It’s cool down south nowadays anyway, right?

    Glad to see an update on this front anyway, and hope you’re doing well.

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