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I’m addicted to learning. Specifically, experimenting in new fields where I have zero experience. Neil Strauss in Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead concludes the book with eleven life lessons with one of them being:

Fix your issues now, because the older you get, the worse they become. People who grow up in stable homes with unconditional love, such as Gwen Stefani or Sacha Baron Cohen, tend to stay out of trouble, while others who suffer from trauma, abandonment, or even simply neglect in childhood often sabotage their career and their life.”

I take that quote to heart and constantly try to improve myself, to better my character. Here, I’ll chronicle some of the experiments I’ve tried/trying and how successful they have been.

On-going / Future Experiments

Daily Meditation Practice

Web Developer

Internet Marketing

Social Influence, Persuasion, Communication

Past Experiments

Mindfulness and Vipassana (Insight) Meditation

Tai Chi Quan and Yoga

Journaling / Blogging / Writing

Public Speaking, Teaching, and Toastmasters

Graduate School / Academia

Philosophy / Religion

Being a Minimalist, Being a Producer

Buying, Traveling, and Living in a RV

Trying to Get Fit – Adventures in the Gym and Weightlifting

Diet Changes: A Healthy Diet aka The Primal, Paleo, Atkins Diet,

The Computer Nerd



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