I Finally Made it to Boulder Colorado


I’m exhausted. But I’m finally in Colorado.

Yesterday, I was passing from Nebraska to Colorado when the scenery suddenly changed. Instead of corn fields, there’s endless, rolling hills of pasture with signs of cattle in the distance. Instead of being green, it’s….a neutral brown/yellow color. The interstate is in disrepair. At times, I don’t see any cars going west in front or behind me.

My RV keeps pulling to the right. Initially, I think I have a flat tire, but the tire pressure is good. Then I think it must be the wind although that seems odd to just happen now. Then, I suppose it could be simply that I need a wheel alignment. Finally, it’s probably my car paranoia that’s fearful that every noise or bump is a sign of a broken engine. Foruntely, Boulder has a lot of volkswagon specialists.

I arrived in Boulder late after 11pm or 1am Eastern Time. Sleep overtook me around midnight. This morning, I woke up hungry and cold at 6am. First time, I’ve actually been shaking from chills. I walked to a cafe and began my job. I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep since I left home.

I also realized I’ve only been eating the equivalent of one full meal per day since leaving Pittsburgh. I ordered a ton of food (that’s the picture above), and now, I can barely eat it.

From the little that I’ve seen, Boulder is very different. After traveling through tiny, farm towns, Boulder feels like a metropolis. A very clean, wealthy, and peaceful metropolis. But, actually, a very small town in terms of physical space.

I’ve slept four nights in the RV now. The only problem is that I stink. I really need to find a shower or do something.

Tomorrow begins the Buddhist Geeks conference. I’m not sure what to expect. All I know is that this is the type of community I think I’ve been searching for.