Goodbye RV, Hello Christmas in Boston

I sold my Rialta motorhome a few weeks ago.

After two years, it was really difficult to sell the RV. I didn’t really expect any serious buyers when I put up the Craigslist ad, and she wasn’t on Ebay. My plan was to postpone any decisions until the Spring.

But, it turns out there was an interested buyer. He showed up on a Sunday to take a look. He called two days later. And a few days later, I gave him the keys, and he gave me cash.

In the end, I realized my current lifestyle was not suitable for living full time in a RV. If I didn’t work a full time job and stayed on the West Coast then maybe RV living would work. Up until the end, I still thought about traveling south for the winter…it was the right decision though. Even during my western travels, I thought about selling her. But I still miss her. Walking down streets, I automatically still look for parking spots and have to remind myself that I don’t own a RV anymore.

Soon after selling the RV, I moved to Boston into my friend’s new house.

Tonight, all of us went out for Christmas dinner in Boston’s Chinatown. Every single restaurant was packed full with mostly Chinese people.

It was about two years ago that I drove the RV back from South Carolina through rain and snow. I was scared, excited, and anxious about what the future would bring.

But it was nearly 12 years ago that I flew to Boston by myself and fell in love with the city. Later, I would visit again when I was applying for colleges. I knew I wanted to live here, but I ended up going elsewhere repeatedly.

Now, the RV is sold. After two and a half years jumping around the United States and living way too long with my parents, I have a long term home again with some excellent roommates.

In some ways, my daily life now is far better than it was in the RV. Some of my closest friends live nearby, and I love the neighborhood. Yet, in other ways, it’s a lot more boring. There’s no more excitement of constantly traveling. Most days are the same as the one before.

It’s exactly what I need and want right now.