Followup to One Leap Easy Wins – Missing Piece of Changing Behavior

I wasn’t happy with my last post, One Leap Easy Wins.

I wanted to distinguish between the seemingly grand yet actually easy wins that require little effort versus the everyday, difficult work that lead to real, long term wins. Instead, I ended up tying the leap and daily effort onto a continuum where everyday efforts lead you to be capable of those giant leap wins. But that wasn’t my original idea and didn’t capture my RV journeys correctly.

I realized the missing piece was factoring in the difficulty of behavioral change.

The one-off wins don’t require any behavioral change. Quitting your job or buying a RV can be the result of an impulse.

What I’m looking for is consistency, for changing behavior and attitudes. That’s a much harder challenge.

Behaviors don’t change overnight. You can make the decision to start a diet today. That’s the first step, a hard first step. But the real hell is going to be the next 30 days.

What’s really impressive is someone that’s consistently really good rather than the person who makes a bunch of one-off leaps.

This post doesn’t have the polish I wanted, but the thoughts are going in that direction.