Short Version (tldr):

I offer one-on-one mindfulness, relational meditation circling, and life coaching. You may select one, two, or all three together to train with me.

Together, we develop and train foundation skills to become a more wise, loving, and powerful being. These skills translate into all aspects of life to empower more presence, freedom, and happiness in your work, relationships, and more.

Sessions include guided practices, map making, and Q&A.

All the training share the underlying truth that we can train our ability to consciously set intentions and direct our attention to what we deem essential. This training is a key to freedom, service, and mastery. You can upgrade your default operating system with your own customized, adaptive, and responsive operating system.

Spots are limited to maximum five clients at a time.
Training sessions take place via online video.
Prices are flexible based on your financial situation with default rate at $75/hour.

I care most about working with people who are ready to experiment, have a high degree of self-autonomy, and willingness to question one’s ways of seeing.

First introduction call is free.

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Long Version:

There is a special type of training that schools and workplaces will never teach you. The type of training that you won’t find on television, in most families, or your peer group.

This important training is how to consciously control our attention, stay engaged yet relaxed  in stressful situations, and how to navigate this complex 21st century world.

More than ever, it’s vital for you to take ownership of your own life and training. You cannot rely on the default programming of family, work, community, and school anymore. Of course, facing the truth and training in this way is not always easy or pleasant. But, the freedom, the joy, and the mastery on the other side are worth the effort.

Given my background and passions, I offer coaching in three major, interrelated dimensions:

  • Mindfulness Meditation – Self & World Input
  • Relational Training (Authentic Relating / Circling) – Self & Other Input/Output
  • Sovereignty Character Training –¬†Self & Other/World Processing Input/Output

These three facets feed into each other:

Mindfulness Meditation allows us to purify refine the “Sensory Input”, the sensory experience of the world (awareness, compassion, presence, equanimity, sensitivity, focus).

Relational Training works both on improving your sensory capability with others (“Social Input”) and how you express, relate, and act with others (“Social Output & Connection”).

Sovereignty Character Training includes both Mindfulness Meditation and Relational Training however focuses on the skill of translating these Inputs into Meaning, Decision, and Action.

The higher quality the Input is, the better your relationships and decision making will be. However, good Input alone will not be enough to make good decisions and take powerful action. Together, these three trainings teach presence, connection, and action.

My training is 3X fold. First, learning how to direct and master our attention with focus and relaxation. This is a fundamental skill that can apply across the board to everything we do in life from work to sex to how I brush my teeth. The natural flow, ease, focus, and joy each of us experiences when we lose ourselves into a dance, playing with kids and pets, or lose ourselves in our work is something we can train to do across the board in any activity.

Second, relationships are what matter, what we live for. Yet, most of our relationships are broken and unsatisfying. Doing practices like circling and authentic relating teach us how to have immediate enriching connection with people and even more how to use relationships to discover insights about life and ourselves.

Finally, Sovereignty Training teaches us how to be powerful, how to be effective, how to make life decisions, and make a positive impact on the world.


I recommend to begin with one session per week for a hour long each session.

We will check-in about the past week, troubleshoot any bugs, introduce new ways of knowing/seeing, experiment with new practices together, and plan out the next week’s assignment(s).

Coaching is very personalized and flexible to each individual’s needs and background so each person will likely have very different sessions.

You will discover deep honesty, appreciation, and total privacy from me. My philosophy is that everyone cares about certain things and the more empowered everyone is, the better our communities, systems, and planet will become.

All training sessions happen via online video chat. Prices are flexible based on your financial situation with $75/hour base rate.

I care most about working with people who are ready to experiment, have a high degree of self-autonomy, and willingness to re-examine their ways of understanding and acting.

My Background

I have spent my entire adult life of the past 14+ years consciously asking these questions and training with others and by myself to find the answers. This includes:

  • years of studying and implementing productivity, strategy, operations, startup entrepreneurship,
  • a bachelors and masters degree in Philosophy and Religion,
  • years of intensive interpersonal training,
  • being a digital nomad for 2 years,
  • 10+ years of meditation practice with over 8,000 hours of formal practice,
  • teaching and leading meditation and interpersonal retreats/workshops,
  • training daily over three years at a Modern Monastery (where I’m now the Assistant Teacher)

For meditation training, I primarily utilize a form of Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system, the trainings at the Monastic Academy, and draw on many other diverse fields.

For Relational training, I draw from my three plus years of intensive training in Circling Europe’s SAS Leadership program, Brene Brown’s work on vulnerability, and years of community living.

Sovereignty Character Training is a continuously evolving project based on over a decade of personal training. Read more about Sovereignty here.

How to signup

Most of my time is devoted to teaching and working at at the Monastic Academy, a “metamodern” monastery in Vermont with the purpose to train awakened leaders of the future.

Given the intensity of the Academy, I am only accepting maximum five clients at a time so I can offer my full attention to each person.

To begin the dialogue with me, please fill out the form below or email me at peter (at)