Become an Early Riser 5 Days Challenge

early rising challenge

Stepcase Lifehack has issued a ballsy early morning riser challenge to the self improvement community. I accept!

When: March 22 (Monday) to March 26 (Friday)

Time: 7:30am

Where: I hope it’s my bed…

Each day, I’ll post my wake up time and how it’s going.

I’ve always wanted to be an early rising. However, I’m afraid that my  creative hours are after 11pm. Also, I’ve had many days of insomnia the past months thinking about my future plans so this might become very interesting.

My strategy is multiple alarms (is there a way to do free wake up calls?), shower, and tea. Also, no television or computer usage after 10pm.

At least, I will have much more motivation to keep going now that I’m publicly sharing my victories and failures.

2 thoughts on “Become an Early Riser 5 Days Challenge”

  1. Waking up early in the morning is a beautiful thing. I start work at 10:00, and since I usually wake up around 7:30 as it is, this gives me a solid hour or longer to play piano and work on some music before I get my “official” day started. It feels like the day has a lot more to offer you when you rise with the sun. Just make sure you don’t have a laptop in bed so you can’t waste all your precious time websurfing.

    P.S. If you want a wake up call, I’d be happy to offer you my services for minimal charge. 😀

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