Hi, I’m Peter X Park, a meta-modern monk. I’m dedicating my life to realizing awakening and service for all beings.

I live, teach, and work at the Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life on Earth (MAPLE) in Vermont where I’m the Assistant Director & Assistant Teacher.

We live in truly transitional, transformative, and important times with the planet under threat. We will either destroy ourselves or usher in an unprecedented age of prosperity and compassion.

I continue to reside at MAPLE because I believe it’s the best place for me to do this meaningful work. MAPLE is a real community dedicated to training real awakened leaders.

Over my meditation life of ten plus years, I have clocked over 8,000 hours of formal meditation practice with retreats in various schools including Zen, Insight, and secular mindfulness traditions.

My passion is teaching a relational meditation practice called Circling where we rediscover ourselves through relationship with each other. We come together in a group and reveal what’s present. I’ve been teaching Circling for over three years with regular groups and residential intensives.

My life mission is towards building and supporting these emerging paradigms. I believe having powerful, awakened leaders is necessary for these transitional times. Given that all of the existing institutions are not adequate to addressing today’s global challenges, we need organizations and individuals willing to dedicate themselves to exploring this new space without traditional support or peer understanding.

I care about continuous improvement. Life is not satisfying to maximize comfort or pleasure. It’s possible, more beneficial, and feels better to continually seek improvement in what matters.

Always trying to test the hypothesis that that truth and compassion is at the root of existence. In all endeavors whether it’s fund raising, meditation, or circling, this question is the core question. Is it okay to just be myself? Can I trust the universe or not?

I’m a truth seeker. I don’t like group-think. I love honest, real, and meaningful conversation and work. I can’t stand bullshit.

In my past lives, I’ve been a programmer, lived in a RV across the country, and hold a Masters in philosophy and religion.

I’m an introvert, minimalist, Enneagram Type 9, and Korean-American.

I hold a Bachelors in Computer Science & Religious Studies and a Masters in Existential & Buddhist Philosophy.

I lived in a RV for two years and started a Meditation House in Boston. I also worked as a programmer and then marketing director at a enterprise IT company.

Today, I’m a teacher at the Monastic Academy. A meta-modern monastery combining the best of discipline of monasteries, startup business best practices, and a non-profit mission of service. We train trustworthy awakened leaders with the balanced skills of wisdom, love, and power for the sake of facing the most pressing problems of  our era.

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