30 Day Writing Challenge Complete

With this post, I’m done my October challenge of daily writing.

First, I’m happy to say that I did it! I didn’t miss a single day. I set a goal on one of my busiest months and completed it. Despite having a week long retreat, a weekend retreat, and a weekend circling immersion, I was able to pop them all out. Not to mention only having two hours of free time in the monastery. Towards the end, I was popping these out in thirty minutes or less. It’s interesting to see that a lot of my daily conversations turned out to be great writing material.

For constructive feedback, I would say my writing quality was all over the place. I definitely didn’t edit and polish my posts to a great quality. Especially towards the end, I only checked for obvious spelling mistakes and otherwise just did stream of consciousness typing. I’m not proud of the quality at all. But I do think each post has a real gem, but it could be much more refined.

There’s a lot of topics I didn’t cover. I wanted to write a lot more about my past experiences including finishing up my RV travels, living in Boston, circling, Mondo Zen, and more. But I felt I couldn’t do them justice in the time I had.

Going forward, I still want to continue writing but definitely not on a daily basis. For now, I’m taking a break at least for a few days.

I also would like to go back to some of my posts this month and rework them to flow better.

If you’ve enjoyed any of this month, please do let me know. It makes a huge difference.